About Me


 I work as the Senior Pastor for Walden Community Church. My wife Joanna  and I have been married for over 19 years and we have two sons 12 and 6. 

One Meeting


 I always try to sit down with the couple to go over the details of the special day; no two wedding ceremonies are alike. My goal is an  unforgettable wedding that you'll both treasure forever. 



 I am available for pastoral counseling should you wish it. I use CoupleCheckUp.Com and ask that the bride and groom separately take the  assessment (link below) before our first meeting. 


Since my wife and I moved to Texas almost 9 years ago, I have  performed over 100 weddings in the greater Montgomery area. So my goal  is to give you a great event - exactly the way you want it. I am a  “professional officiate" which means I am in contact with wedding  planners, photographers, invitation designers and event locations  sometimes on a weekly basis.

After our initial sit down, I typically email you back a few  questions to grab some last minute thoughts that will help me frame the  ceremony in a more personal and meaningful way.

Regardless of your preferred length, style or ceremony content, I will work with you to craft the perfect event.

How do we begin?

First, email me with the date and location of your ceremony. If I am  available, I'll send you additional information. You can later secure  the date with a deposit if you'd like to move forward. You're also  welcome to call or meet me for a free, no-obligation sit down.


My Inbox

"Thank you so much, you did a terrific job! " Saisha

"The Ceremony was everything we could have ever dreamed it to be and we are so glad you were the person we chose." Shantel

"Thank you for a beautiful ceremony! We thought it was perfect and so many of our family and friends told us how much they loved your service." Amanda

"I absolutely loved everything you said and read for our ceremony it was so special and it was my favorite part of the entire event, thank you for making a wonderful memory that we will keep in our hearts forever. " Angela

"Thank you so much David. We appreciate you!! It was an excellent ceremony--thanks to you and your expertise." Heather